With reference to the Rolling Advertisement for faculty recruitment at IIT(BHU) available at home page of IIT(BHU) website, the Preferred Areas of Specialization for Faculty Recruitment​ are as follows:

Computational Materials Engineering, Thermodynamics of Materials;

Extractive Metallurgy, Extraction of Metals, Processing of Secondary Metals & Alloys, Iron & Steel Making technologies, Management & Recycling of Metallurgical Wastes;

Mechanical Metallurgy, Advanced Mechanical Processing Technologies, Foundry & Near-Net Shape Processing technologies, Joining of Metals & Alloys, Surface Engineering, Corrosion Engineering;

Physical Metallurgy, Structural Metallurgy, Complex Metallic Alloys, Advanced Materials, Energy Materials, Nanomaterials, Composite Materials, Design of Advanced Steels, Characterization of Materials, Non-equilibrium Processing of Materials. Design and Development of Novel Materials.

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