Specialization : Ferrous Process Metallurgy

DRI Technology;  Plasma Technology; Nitrogen Bearing Stainless Steels; Metallurgical Solid waste Utilization

Major Achievements:

  • Developing center for ‘Advance Research Center of Iron & Steel (ARCIS)’;
  • Indigenized Nickel Free Nitrogen Bearing Stainless Steels for Medical applications
  • Fabricated Plasma furnace indigenously for smelting reduction studies.
  • Utilization of Fluxed reduced Pellets for removal of impurities from pig iron melting.

Recent Publications:

  • A K Mandal  Raj K Dishwar, OP  Sinha ; Behavior of an indigenously fabricated transferred arc plasma furnace for smelting studies;  Plasma Sc. & Technology; Vol.20,  No.3.(2018).
  • A K Mandal  & O.P. Sinha; Smelting of Industrial Solid waste for        Recovery of Aluminium :  Effect of charge material; Jl. Sustainable Metallurgy; 3(4), pp696-702(2017).