Specialization : Corrosion Fatigue and Hot Corrosion

Low cycle Fatigue, High cycle fatigue, corrosion fatigue, hot corrosion, surface modification by ultrasonic shot peening etc.

Major Achievements:

  • Established corrosion fatigue laboratory


Recent Publications:

  • Effect of surface roughness on corrosion behavior of the super alloy IN718 in simulated marine environment; Journal of Alloys and Compounds; 740(2018)250-263.
  • Sanjeev Kumar, GS Mahobia, K Chattopadhyay, Vakil Singh, ‘Hot corrosion behaviour of Ti–6Al–4V modified by ultrasonic shot peening’, Materials and Design, vol. 110, pp. 196-206, (2016)
  • Sanjeev Kumar, K Chattopadhyay, Vakil Singh, ‘Effect of ultrasonic shot peening on low cycle fatigue behaviour of the Ti-6Al-4V alloy’, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, vol. 724, pp. 187-197, (2017).