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Dr. Chhail Kumar Behera
Associate Professor
Department of Metallurgical Engineering Indian Institute of Technolog
Area of Interest: 
Thermodynamic measurements of multicomponent systems, Lead-free solder alloys, Corrosion and oxidation of Metals and alloys, Extractive Metallurgy

Period Sponsoring Organisation Title of Project Amount of Grant PI, Co-PI
2019-2022 SERB, India Wear, Corrosion and Biocompatibility of Tantalum (Ta) Coated 316 L Stainless Steel for Orthopedic Applications 45 Lakhs  P. I
2018-2020 IIT(BHU) Electrochemical Corrosion and oxidation Behaviour of lead-free solder alloys. 14.84 Lakhs P.I
2014-15 IIT(BHU) Solid-particle erosion of engineering materials. 25 lakhs Co-P.I
2010-13 DST, India Studies on thermodynamic and physic-chemical properties of lead –free solder alloys. 14.4 lakhs P.I
2006-08 IIT(BHU) Thermodynamic Invesigations of the Multicomponent Metallic Solutions. 0.5 lakhs P.I


Sl. No. Degree Department Year University
1 Bachelor
B. E
Metallurgical Engineering 1998 N. I. T, Rourkela
2 Masters
Metallurgical Engineering 2000 I. I. Sc.,
3 Doctorate
Metallurgical Engineering 2007
B. H. U


Sl. No. Position held Name of the Institute From To Pay scale
1 Lecturer/Assistant Professor Banaras Hindu University Sept, 2002 Nov.,2009 8000-275-13500
2 Assistant Professor N. I. T- Rourkela Dec., 2009 Nov., 2010 PB-3, AGP-8000
3 Assistant Professor Banaras Hindu University Dec., 2010 June, 2012 PB-3, AGP-7000
4 Assistant Professor Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) July, 2012 Sept., 2015 PB-4, AGP- 9000
5 Associate Professor Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Oct., 2015 Till today PB-4, AGP- 9500

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26. A Mishra, CK Behera, S Mohan, A Mohan, D Pradhan, High temperature erosion behaviour of Type AISI 446 stainless steel under the combined effect of surface modification and pre hot-corrosion, Engineering, Failure Analysis, 118, 104873(2020)
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2. K.T. Jacob and C.K. Behera, Equilibria Involving the Reciprocal Spinal Solid Solution (MgXFe1-X) (AlyCr1-y)2O4: Modeling and Experimen, Metall. Mater. Trans.B              , 31B, 1247 (2000).
1. K.T. Jacob and C.K. Behera      Spinel-Corundum Equilibria and Activities in the System MgO-Al2O3-Cr2O3 at 1473K    Metall. Mater. Trans.B,   31B, 1323(2000).


Subjects Taught
PG- level

  1. Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  2. Physical Chemistry of Metallurgical Processes.
  3. Advances in the Production non-ferrous metals.

UG – level

  1. Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics.
  2. Non-ferrous extractive Metallurgy.
  3. Steel Making.
  4. Iron making.
  5. Fuels and Refractories.
  6. Extraction of Light and Reactive metals.
  7. Electrometallurgy and Corrosion.
  8. Fundamentals of Metallurgical processes.


  1. Convener, DPGC , 2017-19
  2. Convener, DUGC, 2012-14
  3. Member, Dept. Purchase Committee. 2019
  4. Member Anti ragging Squad. 2017-2019
  5. Admin Warden, Aryabhatta Hostel, 2014-2017
  6. Warden, Morvi hostel , 2013-14
  7. Member, Faculty Forum Executive body.
  8. Co-ordinator of Chemical Metallurgy Division (CMD), 2011- till date.
  9. Member, Institute condemnation committee.
  10. Member of various selection committee for selection of JRF and SRF.
  11. Institute Representative for Conducting JEE advance – 2019.
  12. Institute Observer for JEE Advance -2017.
  13. Captain, Institute staff badminton team.

PhD Students

Sl.No. Name Theisis Title Year
1 M. Talha Effect of nitrogen on corrosion behavior of stainless steel
for biomedical application
2. M. R. Kumar Calorimetric and Electrochemical Investigations of Binary and Ternary Alloys of Indium, Tin and Bismuth
3. Ankitendran mishra High temperature solid particle erosion of 446 type stainless steel 2020
4. Mr. Vinay K. Rai Kinetics of Direct reduction of iron ore with
non-coking coal.
on going
5. Mr. Dheeraj Jaiswal Electrochemical corrosion of In-Cu-Sn Alloys. on going
6 Vikrant Singh Thermodynamic measurements of Multicomponent systems on going

M. Tech / IDD students

Sl. N0. Name Title of Dissertation Year of Award
1 Vikrant Singh Calorimetric measurement of Bi-Zn system by drop calorimetry. 2019
2 A. Shakil Measurement of Interaction parameter for Bi-In system. 2018
3 Vemu Sandeep Extraction of zinc from galvalume dross by pyrometallurgy route 2018
4 Apoorv Sobti Solid particle erosion of AISI420 SS. 2018
5 Raja Ankit Anand Extraction of zinc from galvalume dross by Hydrometallurgy route. 2017
6 Dheeraj Jaiswaal Corrosion behaviour of Sn-Ag-In Alloys. 2017
7 Shubham Phopare Effect of High silicon content on wear. 2017
8 Vinay kr. Rai Electrochemical behaviour of In-Sn-Bi Alloys 2016
9 Rishabh Gupta Measurement of Electrical properties of Bi-In-Sn alloys.
10 Amit Gupta Thermodynamic Investigations of Bi-In-Sn system.
11 Kapil Calorimetric measurement of Bi-Sn system.
12 Rahul Kumar Calorimetric measurement of Bi-In system.
13 Rajeswari Mammila Calorimetric measurement of In-Tl System.
14 Vinit Kumar Singh Synthesis and Characterization of Aliminum-tin Alloy based foam.
15 Paras abrol Oxidation behaviour of In-Zn-Sn alloys.
16 Azad Sonaye Thermodynamic Investigations of In-Sn-Zn system.
17 Raju Kumar Singh Thermodynamic Investigations of Nickel chalcogenides 2005
18 B. Chenna Rao Reduction of Nickel oxide by Hydrogen.
19 Sanyog kumar Carbothermic reduction of Nickel Oxide. 2003