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Dr. Randhir Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT(BHU) Varanasi
Area of Interest: 
Extractive/Electro-Metallurgy, Fuel cellsand batteries, hydrogen production

Dr Singh obtained his PhD degree (2009) from Imperial College London on "A Novel Ceramic Precursor Route for the Direct Production of Hierarchically Structured Titanium Alloy Foams". Since then he has worked on a variety of electrochemical systems such as PEMFC, DBFC, flow batteries and electrometallurgy, involving fuel cell companies of international repute such as the Ballard Power in Canada and Acal Energy, UK. Prior to joining IIT(BHU) in May 2018, he was Assistant professor at IIT-Bhubaneswar over the period of March 2014-May-2018. His current focus is on Thermochemical Hydrogen production, fuelcells (SOFC and PEMFC) and modeling and simulation.

  1. Modeling and Simulation in Metallurgy (2019-....)
  2. Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Kinetics (2019-....)
  3. Nonferrous Extractive Metallurgy (2018-....)
  4. Raw materials preparation for iron making (2018)
  5. Transport phenomena (2014-2018);
  6. Diffusion in Solids (2018);
  7. Transport phenomena and Kinetics of Metallurgical Processes (2015-2018);
  8. Chemical Metallurgy (2017-2018);
  9. Corrosion and surface engineering (2016-2018)

Sponsored Research:

S. No. Title of Project Funding Agency Financial
Year of start & total period Name of P.I. and Co investigators Status Started or completed or in progress
Cyclic Thermochemical fuel production
Durability aspects of air electrode in high-temp. solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) for hydrogen prod. from water
Total: 52 lacs

Total budget: 10 lacs

3 yr
2 yr
Randhir Singh (PI)
Dr B Mukherjee (co-PI)
Randhir Singh (PI)
In progress

In progress


S. No. Title of Project Funding Agency Financial
Year of start & total period Name of P.I. and other investigators Status Started or completed or in progress
1 Modeling of the cathode voltage drop in a Hall Heroult cell employing a cathode assembly with a Cu insert Tata International Ltd.
0.75 lac Sept-2015 to Dec-2015 R Singh (PI) Completed
2 Strategies to counter energy imbalances in an aluminium reduction cell with an insert in the cathode collector bar Tata International Ltd.
1.25 lac 6 months (22-03-2017 to 21-09-2017) R Singh (PI) Completed

PhD (as main supervisor)

  1. Deepak Sachan (2019-; Oxide based redox active materials for cyclic fuel generation)
  2. Amit Anand (2014-...., IIT-Bhubaneswar; Speciation and extraction of rare earth elements/compounds from secondary sources)

MTech (as main supervisor)

  1. D Kalyan (2019-, IIT(BHU); Synthesis of Nano crystalline materials for SOFC applications)
  2. R Vinod (2019-, IIT(BHU); SOFC: component fabrication and integration)
  3. R Sai Teja (2019-, IIT(BHU); Separation of Eu from phosphor leach solution using its +2 and +3 valency states)
  4. Rishabh Agarwal (2018, IIT-Bhubaneswar; TiB2 Coating of graphite via the Electrophoretic deposition)
  5. Dipti R Parida (2017, IIT-Bhubaneswar; Effect of using a copper insert on stability and energy balance in an aluminium production cell)
  6. Debasis Saran (2016, IIT-Bhubaneswar; Establishing the feasibility of a novel H2 production pathway)
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  2. Anand, A., Singh, R., Sheik, A. R., Ghosh, M. K., & Sanjay, K. (2019). Leaching of Rare Earth Metals from Phosphor Coating of Waste Fluorescent Lamps. Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 72(3), 623–634.
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